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    Donations Empty Donations

    Post by SilverTrooper on Thu Feb 11, 2016 6:22 pm

    Hey Guys and Gals, Silver here

    We have created a donating system in which is there to help Silver Line Gaming grow. Now I dont want people to feel like they have to donate but it will help us out a lot in the future. I particularly dont want people to donate unless they really want to help us out in which we are extremely thankful for if you do! Donators are listed below in high to low order

    Name                                        Donation
    Fudgeyy                                        $10
    Kaos                                            $10

    Where does this money go?
    The donations will only be put towards the content we wish for everyone to enjoy. This includes the payment of the service, addons and possibly for events (game give-aways) if we feel like people are donating too much. None of these donations go to me or Harribo, they are specifically for the community.

    What benefits do I get for donating?
    $1 minimum
    Donator Chat Tag (Gold)
    250 points per $1
    Character Hats
    10% off in pointshop!

    $10 minimum
    Donator Chat Tag (Customize-able)
    250 points per $1
    Character Hats
    Donator Playermodels (TTT)
    1 Playermodel (must be human size/small storage)
    Deagle/Glock + Grenades Starter (TTT)
    Traitor Pass (Allowed per 5 rounds)
    25% off in pointshop!
    2 votes in mapvote!

    Where do I donate?
    Step 1: Go to paypal website and Login
    Step 2: Go to the tab "send and request"
    Step 3: "Send money to Friends and Family"
    Step 4: Type "" and write how much you want to send
    Step 5: Profit?

    Is my donation rank gone if I dont donate again?
    You should be in the donator rank, but if you arent, it may possibly be that we switched to another IP or you may be on one of our new servers! Just let us know and we will add you back to the donator rank Smile

    Why is there 2 versions for donator?
    We want to balance it out for those who may want to contribute more and make them feel like they are getting more out of donating to Silver Line Gaming

    I have donated up to $10 in several donations, would I be moved to the 2nd version for donator?
    Of course you would! obviously we would have to move you ourselves as we cant link the donations with the actual server to auto promote you, but if you have donated that much and havnt been moved, just ask me or harribo to move you to that donator rank

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    Donations Empty Re: Donations

    Post by Fudgeyy on Thu Feb 11, 2016 7:18 pm

    Donated $10 bud

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