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    Moderator Appications kiNk-E


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    Age : 23
    Location : You know the street, with the houses on each side of the road, that has the grumpy man saying "get off my lawn"..... that is me in my elder years

    Moderator Appications kiNk-E Empty Moderator Appications kiNk-E

    Post by kink_e on Sat Feb 13, 2016 1:10 am

    ·         Steam Name: kiNk-E
    ·         Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:76126978
    ·         Age:19 (20 June)
    ·         Hours Played (With Screenshot): 5 hrs + (939 + hrs playing game)
 Server Steam


    ·         What qualities do you think would make you a good Moderator?
    (dramatically cough) eh hmmmm. During my 939+ hrs on gmod during I believe for 2-3 years now playing gmod, I have gain the experience to be a fair and interactive moderator towards the community. First servers I have ever join I was instantly welcome to the gmod community and started to working through the ranking system. First becoming a regular to high as Superadmin the next couple years to come. My experience, relax game style and knowledge of the game will come in handy by reporting the owner/s for hackers, server issues (ddosing). Handling spammers from text to mic, meta gamers, giving everyone a fair chance, helping the newbees to the server, ain't afraid to give kicks/bans after constant warnings and keeping the community from to a respectable and enjoyable environment. (which I am aim to please Wink )
    ·         Do you think you deserve the Rank of Moderator? Why?
    To me Moderator is a high enough baseline for me to get back staff member system with the server. It has been nearly over a year since I used any kind of commands (gag, mute, for spammers), however I am a quick learner and it will become second nature for me, once I get back into the driver seat of being moderator. Also my longest rank on a ph server was in fact moderator which maintaining for several months.
    ·         Have you ever been seriously punished within this community? If so, why?
    The only seriously punished I ever receive from a community was from a server that went down a year ago. The Riot servers I was moderator on ph and Superadmin on TTT. I had close relationships with many of the staff there, but however the ph Owner/creator of riot started to become distance with me and the TTT owner. For 2 weeks straight me and the TTT owner were trying to contact him through steam and on the PH server trying to get answers on what is happening with the payments with TTT server. 2 weeks the creator of riot still never replied back I sent a 3 page word document in 14 font complaining to him to get his attention of the issue. They responding in a matter that I founded rude then wrote another document 3 pages long on how a lower life of a person he was, sent the message around the community 50/50 were either with or against from this action and got banned from PH. Soon me and the owner got banned from TTT a week later for being "inactive" on TTT (which is a load of lies).
    ·         Why do you want to be promoted to Moderator? Like I said early
    I have had a lot of experience of being Moderator on PH for several months now. I always being engaging with the community, enforcing the rules, keeping people entertaining, having a relax, welcome, fun and friendly environment towards everyone. I am always to teach the newbees the rules and regulations with the server. Taking care of the trolls, spammers, drama llamas, reporting people on who is meta gaming and many more in the correct manner of the rules they have broken.


    1.    You are playing on the server late at night and notice someone that is able to find every prop, every round. You suspect this individual of Meta Gaming with an individual on the other team. You are the only Staff member online. What do you do?
    In this Instant, I would keep a record of the name and Steam ID who keeping finding every prop. I would wait for about another 3 maps just to make sure they aren't Meta gaming because people can be just really good at one or two maps but if 3 maps has past and they are getting every kill then I would then act towards this suspicious act. One thing I always check is there friends list and see if I can link them with anyone who is/was on the server during that time period. More the 80% of the timer meta gamers would have their friends in their friends list to help and meta game. Once I have been given enough evidence that I can confirm that they are meta gaming, I will message them saying "hey can u please stop with the meta gaming" and give them a warning about it. If it keeps happening I would then most like warm them 2 more times about the matter. Then I will kick them from the server then give the owner and admins a brief detail of the issues that has taken place and the evidence towards this matter.
    2.    A new member of the community has asked you a question regarding the forums and you do not know how to answer the question. There are no Owners online. What do you tell him?
    First I would ask them what they are after with the forums, I will then try to answer the best I can with the forums regarding to his question and give the most simplest answer to their question. If they are still having trouble understanding with this matter I will read the forums for them and give my opinion of the matter. They still have trouble understanding with this matter I will then get hopefully another staff member who is online to help with this matter.

    Posts : 38
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    Location : Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    Moderator Appications kiNk-E Empty Re: Moderator Appications kiNk-E

    Post by WishMount on Sat Feb 13, 2016 11:22 am

    It seems you do not have the required hours, and you are not the rank of regular, but owners can decide what happens I suppose.

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    Age : 19
    Location : Australia

    Moderator Appications kiNk-E Empty Re: Moderator Appications kiNk-E

    Post by Fudgeyy on Sat Feb 13, 2016 12:32 pm

    Good ol Brad

    Posts : 64
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    Join date : 2016-01-22
    Age : 22
    Location : NSW

    Moderator Appications kiNk-E Empty Re: Moderator Appications kiNk-E

    Post by Harribo_Gold on Sat Feb 13, 2016 3:37 pm


    You do not have the current amount of time in order to be a Moderator at this point.


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    Moderator Appications kiNk-E Empty Re: Moderator Appications kiNk-E

    Post by Sponsored content

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